Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nanowrimo: Two Weeks Done!

Yay! Two weeks are over, and now we're kinda on the homestretch! I'm not quite halfway, but I'm sure I will be tomorrow...

Anyway, I don't have much to say other than celebratory stuff like, "Yay, that sentence actually made sense!" or "Wow! I didn't know anyone could write that many words and still communicate exactly the same thing!". I have definately resorted to some word count padding tricks, like having a different character describe my other characters, just for fun. Or saying things several times. Like I just did there.

Anyway, Madison, off to bed now! The writer needs sleep if she doesn't want to be talking to herself tomorrow... Uh-Oh. It's happening.

Excerpt of the Week: (This week's slightly longer excerpt is brought to you by my insane character. You're welcome.)
He frowned at her. “Of course. They tell me things all the time. Don't they talk to you?” Then a thought seemed to occur to him. “No, they don't talk to you. Only to me. I'm different.” He met her eyes, seeming to see her soul. “Why am I different?” he asked urgently.
“I don't know. I don't even know your name.” Arrow said curtly.
He sat back, as if she had slapped him, then chuckled. “I didn't tell you my name? How rude. That's rude, isn't it?”
Arrow nodded.
“Well,” he mused to himself, “What is my name? Some call me 'Colorless', and curses that I won't repeat to your delicate ears” he smiled, as if he knew he'd just told a joke. “Some call me Raan, which means leader. Some call me Thief or Scoundrel. What my mother would have named me, I don't know, for I never knew her. So I call myself Svein, which means coward, because that is what I am.”


  1. As heard by Sam: "If that was the first couple of paragraphs of a book, I would take it home."

  2. Wow! What a compliment! Unfortunately the actual first part of my book is abismal. I'll have to be sure to keep this bit...

  3. I must agree with Megan and Sam.